Dynamic, Targeted Paid Advertising Campaigns. 

Search Engine Marketing focuses your attention on real customers so that you’re there when they need you. After generating detailed analytical behavior reports, SimplyMint develops efficient cross-channel PPC paid advertising campaigns that are tightly targeted to an interested and motivated audience. Utilizing digital branding via mobile and social media, we create highly specialized SEM and broadcast your brand to the people who care the most.

All of the paid search marketing campaigns we manage are built and optimized specifically to achieve client goals, be they traffic, lead generation, conversions, or profit. Our team builds custom campaigns for every client based on their industry, online market, competition, business model, and competitive advantages in conjunction with our experience and expertise in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

We maximize your company’s opportunity for a positive return on investment by running extremely efficient, tightly targeted campaigns, minimizing unnecessary costs and generating as much incremental traffic as possible while remaining under a predetermined budget. Daily bid management, account optimization, ad copy testing, and negative keyword expansion are a few of the basic services we provide, but we are also able to utilize techniques like geo-targeting, dayparting, ad extensions, display advertising, and device targeting in ways that provide the most return for your investment. Furthermore, we are extremely well-versed in other aspects of online marketing, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and On-Page Analytics. We can provide numerous combinations of services for your campaigns with acute insight and strategic thinking in the online space.

We provide our team of dedicated search experts a full comprehensive brief of your company and hands-on management of your campaigns. Our team will not only focus on the search accounts but will also monitor your landing pages and conversion funnels. We will perform a complete audit of all aspects of your conversion paths and aid with changes to ensure the maximization of every visitor and dollar spent. Our team will translate the results into reports that are easy to understand so you are well informed of the metrics and performance and are able to make confident business decisions about any next steps we take together.


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