Barrier Breaking Online Marketing.

Combining detailed customer analytics with a visionary brand narrative, SimplyMint will find and target your customers, creating individual online marketing strategies that improve your brand equity.  SimplyMint seamlessly combines campaigns in Social Media, Email, Mobile, Search Engine Optimization, and Paid advertising, as well as additional services including Mobile Marketing, online reputation management, and more to create wide reaching digital marketing strategies to strengthen and advertise your brand. Our Online Marketing strategies are greater than the sum of their components because our strength lies in our ability to create unified campaigns that reflect your brand and tell your story.

Our main Online Marketing strategies include:

Social Media Marketing: Using innovative online marketing strategies on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more, SimplyMint will draw tastemakers to your brand, engage your customers, and promote visitor loyalty, making you a leader in your field.  As an experienced online marketing agency, SimplyMint successfully launches social media promotions, contests, and giveaways that align with your campaign goals and incentivize your customers to purchase your products or services.

Email Marketing: As part of your brand’s online marketing strategy, SimplyMint will create an Email Marketing plan based on campaign analytics and reports.  SimplyMint creates multiple campaign types, but all Email Marketing strategies include custom design and development, compelling subject lines to get your emails opened, and captivating email body content that achieves high click through rates.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO is one of the most formidable online marketing tools. Using a combination of proprietary technologies and analytical tools to perform consumer analytics and keyword research, SimplyMint will create effective campaigns based on your brand’s most relevant keywords.

Pay Per Click advertising: SimplyMint will maximize your businesses’ chance at a positive return on investment by creating efficient pay per click online marketing campaigns that generate as much traffic as possible to your site.


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